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Kasprowicza 16, Kołobrzeg, 78-100
+48 501-76-56-51
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The lighthouse Kołobrzeg

The lighthouse

Kołobrzeg – a beautiful, atmospheric resort with a harbour and a unique ambiance. It attracts countless numbers of people, who come here to avail of its spas and resorts to improve their health and breathe some iodine, which is more plentiful here than elsewhere.

For many years, we have come here to rest and experience summer adventures. This place charmed us on our very first visit.

Kołobrzeg has a beautiful pier, 220 meters long, and a broad stunning beach. Moreover, there is a lighthouse here that provides some amazing sights,, which was built in 1946. The lighthouse also houses the Museum of Minerals. Nearby there is a marina,full of small vessels and ferries that offer sea cruises.

Kołobrzeg also has an oceanarium.

The Sunrise Festivalan event extremely popular in Poland, especially among young people, takes place here.

The bridge in Kołobrzeg

The bridge in Kołobrzeg

If you’re a biker, there are many bicycle trails in the Kołobrzeg and Ustronie Morskie communes. The International Bicycle Trail passes through Kołobrzeg.

One of the most important monuments in Kołobrzeg is the Co-Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It houses beautiful medieval paintings and Gothic stalls that are the oldest in Poland. Another highlight of Kołobrzeg is its city hall that resembles a medieval castle. It was rebuilt over the cellars and a corner part of the original XIV century structure. It also houses the Registry Office. The “Baszta Lontowa” tower and the “Reduta Solna” fortress are also very interesting.

For history buffs, the Museum of Polish Weapons is the place to visit. It has an interesting collection of Polish military, and vehicles as well as planes from World War II, which one can touch, get into, and take a picture with.

One of the most interesting and unique attractions of Kołobrzeg is the public brine spring near the bridge by Parsęta. Residents of Kołobrzeg come here for the seasoning for sour cucumber preserves – rumour has it, that vegetables preserved in this liquid are very healthy and taste great.

Katedra w Kołobrzegu

The Kołobrzeg Cathedral

The kids can spend a wonderful time in Zieleniewo Entertainment Park (66 Szczecińska Street, Zieleniewo). Some of the activities available there are: an Indian village, archery, pony rides, “the swinging root”, the Western City, rodeo, gold rush, bank robbery, an amusement park, motor-park and a mini zoo.

In Zieleniewo, one should see the City of Mice (2 Morska Street). In it one can see many species of mice from all over the world.

Kołobrzeg also has its own Wax Museum (1a/25 Rodziewiczówny Street). It is great fun to take a picture with the most handsome actor or a well-known actress.

At 15 Rodziewiczówny Street there is a 6D Museum – “Maszoperia” (an organisation for fishermen) the museum was created to commemorate the lives and work of Baltic fishermen.

Every time I come to Kołobrzeg I partake in some body or face spa procedures. I just can’t say no to that. I really recommend the massage parlours that are very conveniently located. I personally use the services of the parlours in the OLIMP 2 facility, at 2 Kościuszki Street. It is best to schedule prior to your visit – 094 3511800 extension 510 or

Molo w Kołobrzegu

The pier in Kołobrzeg

After we visit all these places, no doubt we will have worked up quite a hunger. There are three great places to dine in that come to mind. The food and the atmosphere there are amazing. Firstly, an inconspicuously looking, renovated My Fish bistro at Reymonta 3AB/20 Street – right by the promenade. The best dish? It’s hard to tell – the extraordinary fish soup, fish, meat, pierogi that are delicious and full of stuffing or the large and crunchy potato pancakes – it’s all fantastic. Great service and pleasant decor. I heartily recommend. Nearby at 12 Solna Street there is another great place. Fishka-fiszka. And a bit further, in the middle of Old Town, by the City Hall, there is the famous, absolutely divine Pasta&Pesto. The menu is seasonal here and changes often, however, everything is always high quality and perfectly prepared. The meals are so delicious that one might think he is not in Kołobrzeg but in Italy.


That is my Kołobrzeg. I hope you will love it.

Enjoy your stay and discover Kołobrzeg by yourself.

We can’t wait for your arrival 🙂

The beach, the sun!