Terms and conditions for apartment rentals

Apartment 47

Terms and conditions forapartment rentals


  1. The hereby Terms and Conditions determine the conditions of the reservation of Apartment 47 Closer to the Sea in Kołobrzeg.
  2. We kindly request to abide by the provisions specified therein, which will guarantee your stay to be calm and safe.
  3. Below listed are the terms used in the Terms and Conditions:
    Guest – the Lessee
    Apartment Owner – the Lessor
    Apartment – flat within the residential building located at 16/47 Kasprowicza Street in Kołobrzeg.


  1. All information concerning the rental may be found on our web page www.apartament47-kolobrzeg.pl
  2. Reservation of the Apartment equals the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.
  3. In order to make the reservation you should use the reservation form available on the web page www.apartament47-kolobrzeg.pl or contact us telephonically between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. under +48 501765651. Information that should be provided: length of stay, day of arrival and departure, contact data, number of persons in the Apartment and the time of arrival.
  4. The Client, by confirming the reservation, makes an offer of the conclusion of Agreement for the rent of the Apartment.
  5. Confirmation of the reservation on our side equals the consent to the offer and conclusion of the Agreement for rental of the Apartment.
  6. Within 3 days from the day of confirmation of the initial reservation (unless agreed otherwise) the Lessee is obliged to pay the security deposit and down payment of 30% of the general cost of stay. The payment should be made to the bank account number provided by the Lessor. Date of payment is the date of recognition of the payment on the given bank account.
  7. In case of lack of down payment within the term determined by the Parties, the Lessor has the right to withdraw from the Agreement.
  8. The outstanding payment for the stay shall be paid by the Lessee before the arrival, to the bank account identical to the one given at the time of paying the down payment, or by cash (PLN or the equivalent in Euro) on the day of the arrival. Down payment paid in advance shall be treated as a part of the whole cost.
  9. Minimal period of rent amounts to 3 days, and in the high season – 7 days.


  1. Current prices of the Apartment rental are available on our website apartament47-kolobrzeg.pl
  2. Prices can be negotiated in case of a long stay.
  3. The costs of additional payments, such as cleaning after the stay and rental of the garage are available only on our website apartament47-kolobrzeg.pl
  4. Rent price includes payments for services like electricity or water.
  5. Price displayed by a given apartment is a price per day in a certain season period, regardless of the number of persons staying in the apartment, however, not exceeding the number of persons anticipated for the given apartment.
  6. Payment for the cleaning of the apartment at the end of the stay is collected once in case of the stay longer than 10 days, on the day of arrival.

Organization of the arrival, departure and stay

  1. Hotel day starts at 3 p.m. and finishes at 11 a.m. the next day.
  2. Check in takes place from 3 p.m. until 7 p.m. There is an option of a late check-in after 7 p.m. In such a case a prior contact to discuss the details is required.
  3. Departing from the apartment by the Lessee on the last day of the stay should take place until 11 a.m. Collection of the keys and handover of the apartment carried out by the representative of the firm www.apartament47-kolobrzeg.pl always takes place in the apartment after the prior notification by the Lessee and upon determining the time of departure.
  4. There is a possibility of settling individual time of arrival and departure.
  5. In case of lack of possibility of arrival at the earlier determined time, the Lessee is obliged to notify the Lessor immediately. apartament47-kolobrzeg.pl. In case of lack of such contact, the Lessor reserves the right to cancel the reservation.
  6. The procedure of checking in requires the Lessee to show his ID with a photography. A deposit of 400 PLN is obligatory to be paid. The deposit is returned on the day of departure, provided that the Lessor does not discover any damages.
  7. Payment for the stay should be settled in advance by the bank transfer before the arrival or by cash on the day of arrival, minus the amount of the down payment.
  8. The Lessor makes the apartment available only after finalization of the payment of 100% of the reservation value, as well as payment of the deposit and display of the ID.
  9. In front of the building, in which the apartments are located, there is a possibility to park one’s car free of charge. The parking is not guarded and the Lessor does not take the responsibility for any vehicles nor any belongings left in the parking. The number of parking spaces is limited. We do not provide the service of reserving parking spaces.
  10. 10. Private garage, which can be reserved together with the apartment, belongs to Apartment 47. The Lessor does not take the responsibility for the car and any belongings left in it. The prices of renting the garage may be found at apartament47-kolobrzeg.pl

Obligations of guests

  1. The Lessee shall use the subject of rental only for housing purposes and cannot sublet the apartment to third parties or allow them to use the premises free of charge.
  2. The number of persons remaining in the apartment cannot exceed the number declared during the reservation process.
  3. The Lessee shall observe the principles of good neighbourly relations. If the Lessee violates order or the property of the neighbours, or does not observe common principles of coexistence, the Lessor shall be entitled to terminate the agreement without notice. In that case, the Lessor is not obligated to reimburse the Lessee for the remaining time of stay.
  4. The Lessee shall keep the apartment in the condition it was in when their stay began. Moving furniture or appliances in the apartment is forbidden.
  5. The quiet hours in the apartments last from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m.
  6. The Lessee is responsible for any damages or destructions of any equipment and appliances caused by them or by person remaining in the apartment during the time of agreement validity.
  7. The Lessee should immediately inform www.apartament47-koobrzeg.pl upon noticing any damages or destructions.
  8. The Lessee is responsible for the keys to the apartment; in case of their loss – he shall be obliged to cover the costs of purchase and installation of a new lock or an anti-burglar protection, as well as the designated number of keys.
  9. The Lessee shall exercise caution when operating water valves and electrical appliances. To protect against fire, the Lessee cannot use any electrical appliances that are not part of the apartment’s equipment except computers, electric razors, hairdryers, and phone chargers. It is forbidden to leave any additional electrical appliances on (computers, chargers, etc.) during the Lessee’s absence.
  10. For our Guests’ safety and comfort, it is strictly forbidden to smoke cigarettes or e-cigarettes in the apartment. The smoking area will be designated by the Lessor on the day the agreement is signed. The candles provided in the apartment can only be lit in designated places, and only under adult supervision!
  11. 11. If the smoking ban is breached and someone reports smoke in the apartment, or if damage occurs resulting from inappropriate use of candles, the Lessee shall be obliged to pay a fine of PLN 500.
    If the damage exceeds PLN 500, damage report shall be made by an Appraiser, and the Lessee shall be obliged to pay for all the damage reported.
  12. Having the wellbeing of our other Guests in mind, animals are unfortunately not welcome in the apartment.
  13. The Lessor may not accept a Lessee who during their previous stay seriously breached the terms and conditions, caused damage, or disrupted the rules of coexistence.
  14. Without prior written consent from the Lessor, pictures and video clips made in the apartment in which the furnishings of the apartment are visible may not be publicly shared. This restriction includes in particular posting pictures on social networking sites or other Internet websites.
  15. Hosting any parties in the apartment is forbidden. If the party ban is breached, the Lessee shall pay a fine of PLN 1000.

Cancellation, changes to the provisions of the agreement

  1. The information about cancellation or any changes to the reservation should be directed in a written form via e-mail or regular mail to the Owner of the apartment.
  2. If a Guest cancels a reservation, the deposit paid is non-refundable, unless the Owner accepts another reservation on the same apartment, within the same time period, and the same price. In that case, the deposit will be returned 7 days after the new reservation is made.
  3. If a Guest fails to check-in on the agreed-upon day and provides no information, the apartment becomes available for reservations the next day.
  4. We reserve the right to waive the agreement without any compensation if, due to force majeure, the apartment cannot be used (a serious fault in the apartment). In that case, the deposit will be refunded in full.
  5. The Lessor is not obligated to reimburse the Lessee for the unused time of stay.
  6. Any disputes that might arise from the stay will be solved amicably, if possible. If no agreement can be reached, the parties will turn to the appropriate general court of law.
  7. The personal data of Guests shall be properly secured and, subject to Guest’s consent, used by the Owner only to provide services in accordance with the provisions of GDPR.
  8. Complaints related to the apartment rental should be sent in writing to the Owner of apartament47-kolobrzeg.pl . The Owner of www.apartament47-kolobrzeg.pl will respond to the complaint in a written form within 30 days of filing such a complaint.
  9. In matters outside the scope of the terms and conditions, the provisions of the Civil Code and the Tourist Service Law shall apply.

Final provisions

  1. Any personal items left by Our Guests in the apartments will be sent to the address provided by them, at their expense.
  2. The description of the apartment’s equipment constitutes an integral part of the terms and conditions.
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